Turn The Party Up With Party Machine Hire

Turn The Party Up With Party Machine Hire

We’ve just about kicked COVID’s butt, so in 2021, there’s now plenty to celebrate! As a Gold Coast party hire company, we’re very happy about this. 2020 was a challenging year for all, but things are looking up, and it’s time to start living and enjoying life again – time to start getting outside, seeing friends again, and celebrating all things big and small.

If you’re looking to throw an epic party in 2021, then no doubt you will need some party hire equipment. Hiring party equipment is a cost-effective way to throw a big party without having to buy everything yourself. While standard party hire equipment includes lighting, speakers, catering, tables and chairs etc., party machine hire is less common. Today, we’re looking to change this.

Party machine hire, such as the offerings at The Fun Team, can turn any great party into an excellent party! Best of all, they’re super affordable, fun, and convenient.

If you are one of the many Gold Coasters planning a celebration this year, then we urge you to consider hiring party machines; they’re sure to help you throw a party that won’t soon be forgotten.

What is Party Machine Hire?

Party machine hire is when you hire a machine for a party from a party hire company such as The Fun Team.

Party machine hire works the same way as any other party hire. You hire the machine for a set period from the supplier. In our case, it’s usually a 24 hour hire period, though we do have shorter hire periods for some of our machines.

Depending on the machine and the supplier, the machine is then either delivered to the party and set up by the supplier or collected from the supplier by the hiree.

Party machine hire come in various forms, but the two most common are party entertainment machine hire and party food machine hire, also referred to as vending machine hire.

Types of Party Machines for Hire

As mentioned above, There are two main types of party machines for hire that you should consider for your party. There are party entertainment machines and party food machines. Both bring something different, and both significantly enhance the enjoyment factor of a party.

Party Entertainment Machines

smoke machine hire gold coast

Turn your party all the way up with impressive party entertainment machine hire on the Gold Coast from The Fun Team. Our party machine hire offerings include the likes of smoke machine hire, laser light machine hire, and bubble machine hire; all of which add a true party atmosphere to any gathering and will keep guests up and on their feet for hours and hours.

Learn more about our party entertainment machines on our Party Hire Extras page.

Smoke Machine Hire

Whether you’re throwing a rave, gala, ball, dance, disc party or house party, adding a smoke machine in the mix will really get the party started. Smoke machine hire is the perfect party hire choice for such events. It encourages dancing and identifies a dancing area.

The Fun Team’s smoke machine hire service come with a laser light machine to really get people moving! Along with the smoke machine, you have a choice of a single, dual, or 4-channel laser from just $80 per hire! That’s a cheap investment for an unforgettable night!

Laser Light Machine Hire

Turn any gathering into a dance party or rave with a laser light machine. Laser light machine hire is a must-have for any dance party. It will have your guests up and dancing all night long! And, you don’t have to be grown-ups to enjoy laser light machine; they’re a massive hit at kid’s disco parties too!

The Fun Team’s laser light machine hire service offers your choice of a red, green, or dual rose and yellow laser light machine from just $40 per hire! Now that’s a bargain!

Bubble Machine Hire

Whether you’re putting on a fun run, kids party, or rave, a bubble machine will always come in hand and add value to your event. Bubble machine hire is not as common as the other party entertainment machines, but shout be! It offers hours of fun and laughter.

The Fun Team’s bubble machine hire service will add a touch of childish fun to any event, and from just $40 per 2/hours, it’s a cheap investment for a guaranteed fun event

Party Food Machines

food machines gold coast

What’s a party without food! No party host can enjoy themselves if they have to worry about feeding their guests. With party food machine hire, they won’t have to! They can let their guests get their own (fun) food through affordable party machine hire.

For party machine hire on the Gold Coast, look nowhere else but The Fun Team. Our party machine hire offerings include a fairy floss machine, popcorn machine, snow cone machine, and a slushie machine, all the fun food machines that turn a dull party into a fun party.

Whether you’re throwing a kids party, hens party, sporting event, fate, carnival, or another occasion, throwing party food machines in the mix will turn the party up more than a notch!

Fairy Floss Machine Hire

What kid doesn’t love fairy floss? With a fairy floss machine at your event, your guests can eat fairy floss and get a sugar rush like none other.

The Fun Team’s fairy floss machine hire is a major hit at any kids event and comes with 150 servings for just $150 over a 24hr DIY hire, or you can hire one of our operators for hassle-free operating.

Popcorn Machine Hire

Whether you’re having a kids party at home, holding a sign-on day for your sports club, or holding a community event, popcorn is something everyone loves! With popcorn machine hire, you will have all the guests literally eating out of the palms of your hands!

The Fun Team’s popcorn machine hire service comes with everything needed to make 150 servings of popcorn, and for just $150 over a 24hr DIY hire, it’s money well spent. As with the fairy floss machine hire, you can also hire one of our operators for hassle-free operating.

Snow Cone Machine Hire

Another great addition to any kids party, fate, or social gathering is a snow cone machine, especially over the Gold Coast’s hot summer months! Snow cone machine hire will ensure your guest keep cool while having a lot of fun choosing which flavour to have.

The Fun Team’s snow cone machine hire service includes two flavours and 150 cones. For just $150 over a 24hr DIY hire, it’s very affordable and will guarantee to be fun for all. As with the other food machine hire options, you can also hire one of our operators for hassle-free operating.

Learn more about our party food machines on our Food Machines page.


Turn your party into an epic party with affordable party hire machines from The Fun Team today. We have a range of party entertainment machines and party food machines from as little as $40 per hire.

Call 0412 313 335 today to hire a party machine on the Gold Coast from The Fun Team.

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