The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Party Supplies

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Party Supplies

Planning a party is not a simple task. There are so many details to consider that it is very easy to forget something important.

As the owner of a company that specialises in party supplies on the Gold Coast, I know just how important party supplies can be in planning a party and the success of the party itself.

One of the best ways to ensure that your party planning goes smoothly is by creating a list of party supplies that you’ll need to make your party the best it can be.

So today, I’ll share with you my party supplies cheat sheet. You may not need everything on this list to throw a great party, but this guide will certainly help you plan a great party.

1. Invitations and Thank You notes – Invitations are a must, whether you’re throwing a formal party or a casual one. Think of all the people you would like to invite over to your party and prepare personalised invitations and thank you notes.

2. Partyware – Partyware is the lifeblood of any party. Make sure to include essentials such as napkins, plates, cutlery, cups and tablecloths in your list of party supplies.

3. Decorations – Decorating your party setting can make your party stand out from others. Depending on the guests and the mood of the party, add balloons, confetti, centrepieces, party hats, streamers and other types of decorations to your party supply list.

4. Party Bags – Make sure to include small gifts for your guests as favour items for attending your party. Items can be used as a gesture of thanks, or as a memento of the special occasion.

5. Food & Drinks – Food and drinks are the staples of any party. Depending on what type of party you’re hosting, add snacks, food for a full meal, cake, drinks, ice cream and desserts to your list of party supplies.

6. Miscellaneous Items – Several miscellaneous items such as batteries, candles and matches, lighters, extra tables and chairs, serving knife, cake platters, ice buckets, serving dishes and bowls must make it to your party supplies list.

7. Party Theme – To organise a themed party, ensure that all elements of your party are tied together to a central theme and you’ll be on your way to hosting a great party. And, for theme ideas, consider hiring inflatables or jumping castles such as those we offer at The Fun Team.

8. Party Entertainers – If you are throwing a party with lots of kids, then you must include party entertainers in your list of party supplies. Party entertainers such as face painters, nail art painters, balloon twisters and DJs can bring a kids’ party to life. You can hire party entertainers right here from us at The Fun Team.

9. Food Machines – To make sure that guests at your party never get bored of the food and drinks menu, consider including food machines in your party supply list. Here at The Fun Team, we offer fairy floss machines, snow cone machines and popcorn machines on hire. By including our food machines in your party, you can offer some exciting treats to kids and adults both.

10. Extras – If you’re hosting a party with lots of fun, games, dancing and activities, you need to include certain party extras in your list of supplies. Extras such as laser light machines, smoke machines, bubble machines, sumo suits and kids’ tables and chairs can help keep everyone entertained at such parties. You can hire all of these items on the Gold from us at The Fun Team.


To host the perfect party, you need to have all the right party supplies. Considerations for your party supplies include invitations and thank you notes, partyware, decorations, party bags, food and drinks, miscellaneous items, a party theme, party entertainers and food machines and party extras.

If you’re in need of party supplies on the Gold Coast, get in touch with the party experts at The Fun Team.  Call us on 0412 313 335 to discuss your party hire needs with Hollie today!

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