Teen Birthday Party Ideas On The Gold Coast

Teen Birthday Party Ideas On The Gold Coast

Are you trying to plan your teens upcoming birthday party but struggling? If you thought planning a kids birthday party on the Gold Coast was tough, planning a teen’s birthday party is even more challenging. Planning a party for a teenager is much different to planning a party for a kid because they are older. They are also harder to please and harder to keep entertained.

Planning a party for a teen is stressful and time-consuming. They either hate every idea you have or have ideas that are just unattainable, for one reason or another, but mostly due to financial reasons.

So, how do you plan a teen birthday party on the Gold Coast? What can you plan that they and their friends will enjoy and that you can afford?

Thankfully, you’ve come to the right place to find out. At The Fun Team, we specialise in birthday parties for kids of all ages, including teens. Therefore, we know a thing or two about planning teen birthday parties and have a selection of party hire options to help you throw a great birthday party for your son or daughter.

Continue reading to discover the top 3 teen birthday party ideas on the Gold Coast.

Teen Inflatables Birthday Party

We all know how much children LOVE jumping castles, right? Well, inflatables are the jumping castles for teens! Inflatables take the fun of a jumping castle and elevate it to a higher level, adding more thrill, more challenge, more fun!

Inflatables come in a range of shapes, sizes and types. Some are purely for the fun factor; others offer a challenge, which is great for competitive teenagers! A few inflatables to consider for your teen include the Water Slide/Dry Slide, which offers fun, or the Obstacle Challenge, Obstacle Course, or Bungy Fun Run, which offer both fun and a challenge.

Creating a teen inflatable birthday party is easy. You just need two thing – the inflatable, which you can hire from The Fun Team, and an area large enough to house the inflatables. If you don’t have a large yard, you can always use a local park – they’re great for such occasions.

When choosing an inflatable, consider what the teens are into and their ages. You will notice with our range of inflatables; each is suitable only for certain ages, e.g., the inflatable Bungy Fun Run is suitable for teens up to 16 years old. The other thing to notice is the number of persons allowed on the inflatable at a time.

If you’re interested in throwing a teen inflatables birthday party on the Gold Coast, then get in touch with The Fun Team for all the details. We’ll be more than happy to discuss the terms of hire and answer any questions you may have ahead of confirming a booking.

Teen Disco Birthday Party

Another excellent teen birthday party idea on the Gold Coast is a disco party. Remember the excitement of going to a school disco or Blue Light disco as a teen? You can create the same level of excitement for your own teen by creating a disco party at home.

Creating a teen disco birthday party is easier than you think, thanks to party hire companies like The Fun Team. There are two main ingredients to a dance/disco party; music and ambience. And we’re just the team to supply you with both. We have everything needed to set the scene for an epic dance-off. We have laser light and smoke machines, speakers, and even professional DJs, that can spin the tunes and create the perfect disco atmosphere at home.

Your teen will be the coolest around when their friends see the transformation of your living room or garage. Make your teen’s disco birthday party even cooler by setting a theme; think ‘fluro party’, ‘white party’, or a 90’s party. Having your teen and their friends dress up for the occasion only makes it more thrilling.

If you’re interested in throwing a teen disco birthday party on the Gold Coast, contact The Fun Team. We’re happy to discuss the disco party hire equipment we have on offer and answer any questions you may have ahead of confirming a booking.

Teen Carnival Theme Birthday Party

My last suggestion for a teen birthday party on the Gold Coast is to throw a carnival theme birthday party. Now, this might seem like a tall (and expensive) task, but it really isn’t. Carnivals don’t need large carnival rides. What makes a carnival a carnival is an overall atmosphere; it must be fun, and it must have fun food. This you can do.

With party hire options like jumping castles, super slides, and inflatables, you have the ‘ride’ element covered. With professional party entertainers like balloon twisters and face painters, you have the ‘entertainment’ element covered. And, with food machines like popcorn, snow cone, and fairy floss machines, you have the ‘fun food’ element covered. The best news is, with teen party supply specialists like The Fun Team, you can have one of each for as little as $450 total. Now, that’s a cheap way to throw a carnival party on the Gold Coast!

Create the ultimate carnival experience for your teen and their friends, and not only will they be the coolest kids in town, but you’ll be the coolest parent in town as well.

If you’re interested in throwing a carnival themed birthday party on the Gold Coast, give The Fun Team a call – we’re happy to how we can be of assistance in terms of our party hire options and help you plan the best party for your teen.


Trying to work out what to do for a teens birthday party on the Gold Coast can be difficult. They’re not kids anymore, but they’re also not adults. You can’t throw them a party at McDonald’s or hire a mini-farm to visit the party anymore, so what do you do?

As one of the Gold Coast’s leading party hire companies, we specialise in helping parents and guardians such as yourself tackle such dilemmas. We have three killer suggestions for a teen birthday party on the Gold Coast that will make you the coolest parent in town. Option one, throw them an inflatables party with fun and challenging giant inflatables like the Obstacle Challenge, Obstacle Course, or Bungy Fun Run. Option two, throw them a cool disc/dance party with groovy laser and smoke machines and a professional DJ, or option three, throw an epic carnival themed birthday party with fun rides, entertainment, and fun food.

For all your teen birthday party hire needs on the Gold Coast and Tweed, see the team at The Fun Team! Whether you have a $150 or an endless budget, we can supply you with something very cool to help your teen’s party be their best yet.

Call us today on 0412 313 335 or make an online enquiry.

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