Party Hire for Indoor and Outdoor Parties

Party Hire for Indoor and Outdoor Parties

If you’re throwing a kids birthday party, you have the option of hosting the party indoors, or outdoors in your front or backyard. Regardless of which option you choose to go with, you need to ensure that your party is a hit with everyone. And, one sure way to do this is with party hire services.

At The Fun Team, we specialise in party hire on the Gold Coast. So, over the years, we’ve serviced all types of parties – both indoor and outdoor parties. Today, I will outline how you can make use of our party hire services, whether you choose to host your party indoors or outdoors.

Party hire for indoor parties

face painters
Consider hiring a professional face painter for an indoor party

I find that indoor birthday parties are a popular choice for birthday parties on the Gold Coast. One of the biggest benefits of indoor parties is that you won’t have to worry about the weather. Although, this is really only of concern in winter. Indoor parties also make it easy to keep an eye on all the kids, and there are plenty of indoor activities and entertaining options you can consider – disco dancing, face painting, balloon twisting and more. However, to host a great indoor party, you will need to provide enough space. If you don’t have enough space available at home, you can consider renting a public space or plan to host the activities and entertainment outdoors and the food indoors.

When it comes to finding party hire services for indoor parties, we’ve got you covered. For food and beverages, we offer a range of food machines on hire including popcorn machines, fairy floss machines, and snow cone machines that all kids love. We also offer laser light machines and smoke machines for hire, which are great for kids disc parties. And of course, we offer a range of party entertainers including face painters, nail art painters, balloon twisters and DJs on hire to keep kids entertained at your party. With our party hire on the Gold Coast, your indoor party will certainly turn out to be enjoyable and memorable.

Party hire for outdoor parties

Kids table and chair hire
Nothing beats a jumping castle for an outdoor party!

Unlike indoor parties, outdoor birthday parties offer a unique and much more memorable experience. With outdoor parties, there’s always the chance of weather being a spoilsport. However, this shouldn’t prove to be much of a problem here on the Gold Coast, as the weather is usually bright and sunny. One big advantage of outdoor parties is that you can invite as many people as you want without worrying about space constraints – or worry about your home being ransacked by a bunch of very excited children!

We offer a full range of party hire services that are perfect for an outdoor kids party. For entertainment, we offer themed jumping castles, sumo suits, bubble machines and inflatables that will keep kids entertained for hours. In addition to these, we also offer kids tables and chairs as well as seating for adults at your party. Our Gold Coast party hire services will enable you to host a fantastic outdoor party that the kids – and adults – will love.


When it comes to hosting a kids birthday party, you have the option of hosting it indoors or outdoors. Regardless of which option you go with, you can make sure that your party turns out to be enjoyable and memorable with the help of party hire services.

At The Fun Team, we offer a full range of party hire services on the Gold Coast. For indoor parties, consider hiring our food machines, laser light machines, smoke machines, and party entertainers. Moreover, for outdoor parties, consider hiring our themed jumping castles, inflatables, sumo suits, and bubble machines. We also offer special party packages that offer you the flexibility of availing the services you need!

For reliable party hire on the Gold Coast, call the party experts at 0412 313 335 today!

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