Essential Party Supplies for a Corporate Event

Essential Party Supplies for a Corporate Event

It’s getting to that time of the year again; Christmas. Christmas is not only a time to look forward to the fat man and the festivities that accompany him, but also, a time to look forward to another year of work coming to a close and the corporate events that go with it.

End of year Corporate Events come in many shapes and forms. There are Awards Nights, Gala Balls, Staff Christmas Parties, Client/Customer Appreciation Nights, amongst others. Regardless of what type of Corporate Event you are planning to throw, some party supplies are essential.

Today, I will share with you some of the best party supplies to consider for your end of year Corporate Event. And, of course, you can avail these party supplies at a competitive price right here with The Fun Team.

Awards Night

Awards Nights can quickly turn into a drawn-out and dull evening, especially for those who don’t take home an award, which is why party supplies are essential.

Party supplies such as laser lights and smoke machines can lighten any corporate awards night even and will add a much-needed fun factor.

Gala Ball

Gala Balls are usually held for a good cause, such as a charity. So, you can expect a lot of fun and events to raise funds for the purpose.

There is always an MC, music, dancing and other fun activities to be a part of, and none of these would be possible without hiring party supplies. Chairs and tables, DJs, laser lights and smoke machines, even sumo suits are standard party supplies needed to make a Gala Ball happen.

Staff Christmas Parties

Staff Christmas Parties are notorious for shenanigans – regardless of your business or industry! Unlike awards nights and gala balls,  a staff Christmas party allows attendees to be less-formal and are there only to have a great time.

Staff parties can be anything, and anything goes. Common party supplies of a Christmas party include the likes of food machines, DJs and laser lights and smoke machines. Those that are a little more fun-driven may consist of an inflatable obstacle course and sumo suite hire.

Client/Customer Appreciation Nights

Those that like to thank their clients/customers in addition to their staff hold Client / Customer Appreciate Nights, which can be anything from a black-tie event to an informal company BBQ. Nevertheless, party supplies are needed to make it happen.

Some of the most requested party supplies for Client / Customer Appreciate Nights include food machines, DJs and laser lights and smoke machines, inflatable obstacle courses and sumo suite hire.


If you are planning to throw a Corporate Event to celebrate the end of the year, then there are some must-have party supplies to ensure your event is well, eventfull and not lacklustre.

The essential party supplies you need will depend on the type of event you choose to throw. For Awards Nights, consider adding a dancefloor with laser lights and smoke machines. For a Gala Ball, do the same but add sumo suit hire for a little added fun. For a Staff Christmas Party and Client/Customer Appreciation Night, you can go to town, just make the party supplies you choose allows them entertained from start to finish.

Regardless of what type of Corporate Event you are planning, you will find all the party supplies mentioned in this article here at The Fun Team. We pride ourselves and offering quality supplies at affordable prices, so contact us today to see what we can do for you.

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