Tips for Selecting Party Supplies

Tips for Selecting Party Supplies

You’re throwing a party? How exciting! Parties provide the perfect excuse to get together with friends and family for a catch-up or celebration; and there are many occasions that call for a party – whether it is an engagement, birthday, anniversary, christening or significant time of year like Halloween or Christmas.

However, when throwing a party on the Gold Coast, you cannot simply invite guests and have them show up; planning needs to be involved – whether it is simple or intricate.

One important step in planning any party is organising the party supplies, and party supplies cover a very broad spectrum.

As the owner of The Fun Team, I have years’ of experience in the Party Industry, and I’ve provided party supplies across the Gold Coast for all occasions. If you need a hand selecting the best party supplies for your upcoming gathering, then continue reading.

Make a list of your guests

My number one tip for selecting party supplies is to make a list of your guest’s names. When you have that list, write their age next to their name. This will give you a good indication of the age group you need to cater towards. This is easy if you’re throwing a kids party for your child. However, if it’s an adult party, then this tip is even more important.

If you’re catering towards children, your party supplies need to fit that audience; think partyware, balloons, party food, lolly bags and decorations. However, if your audience is adults, then you’re party supplies will need to cater more towards the seating, food and possibly entertainment needs.

Pick a party theme

Choosing a party theme is the easiest way to select party supplies. This applies to all parties, not only kids parties. However, it does make it incredibly easy to get everything you need for a kids party with little thought.

Say you choose Spiderman as your theme. Easy, you can find every party supply under the sun themed for Spiderman –heck, at The Fun Team we even have a Spiderman themed jumping castle.

spiderman jumping castle

You can hire this awesome spiderman jumping castle from The Fun Team! Contact Us today.

For an adult party, you may choose the occasion or colours as your theme and select party supplies around them.

You can never have too much food

We have all been to those parties where a handful of platters go around and you get one or two items if you’re lucky. You know the ones. You don’t want your party to be one of these. The guests are left hungry and think that you’re stingy.

To avoid such a party, hire party food machines. There are plenty of options available which you can set up and let your guests help themselves. They can go back for seconds, thirds, fourths, you get my drift. They’re a sure way to ensure no one goes hungry and they make you look like a cool host, regardless of their age!

At The Fun Team, we have popcorn machines, fairy floss machines and snow cone machines, which are each popular party supplies for any occasion.


Parties are a great cause to celebrate with friends and family. But, they do require some work to be a success. If you’re planning a gathering or party, then you will need some form of party supplies. The best tips I can offer in selecting the right party supplies for your party include looking at the ages of your guests and choosing supplies accordingly, picking a party theme to base the supplies around and having plenty of food on hand by including a party food machine.

For party supplies on the Gold Coast, turn to The Fun Team. We specialise in offering party supplies including party hire equipment, party entertainment and entertainers and of course, food and drinks.

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