How To Find A Great Kids Party DJ On The Gold Coast

How To Find A Great Kids Party DJ On The Gold Coast

Are you planning your kid’s birthday party? It can be stressful, I know. As a mother of two boys, I know how badly you want for your son’s or daughter’s party to be a success – where not only your child has an excellent time, but their friends do too. This is actually one of the factors that let to me acquiring this business!

Let me say, if you’re considering hiring a kids party DJ on the Gold Coast, then you’re heading in the direction of success. There is no better way to take the pressure off you as a party host and to provide fun entertainment for the kids. However, there are ways to fail in hiring a kids party DJ; and you don’t want to do that.

At The Fun Team, we have a team of professional Kids DJs who deliver non-stop party entertainment for children such as yours. To ensure to find a great DJ and not a dud DJ, considering the following…

Do Your Research

The internet is a wonderful tool, and for many, it’s the first port of call for finding anything; albeit a new piece of furniture, a hairdresser or in this case, a kids party DJ on the Gold Coast.

Search Google for ‘kids party DJ on the Gold Coast’ to reveal your options; you will notice that The Fun Team is there on page one 👍.

Compare Your Options

Make a selection from the top 10 listed businesses offing kids party DJ on the Gold Coast (the first page of results), and explore their offerings. Compare things like their price, how long the hire period is for, their experience and don’t forget to look at their rankings; both on Google and their Facebook page. If they have no reviews on either, rule them out right away.

Ask Questions

With a narrowed down list, now’s the time to contact each business and ask them a few questions about their service. Questions to consider asking include;

  • Do you have a cancellation policy?
  • Who chooses the music and is it age-appropriate?
  • Does the DJ hold a Blue Card?
  • How long is the hire period and can it be extended on the day?

Secure Your Booking

Once you hear back from each business, decide which you are most comfortable dealing with and confirm your booking. You will want to provide as much notice as possible to ensure the DJ is available on the date and time of your kid’s birthday party.


Planning a kids party can be a very stressful time. You desperately want it to be fun for all, especially your own child. By hiring a kids party DJ on the Gold Coast, you’re well on your way to ensuring this is the case.

To find a great kids party DJ on the Gold Coast, simply spend time online researching your options. Narrow down the choices and compare the service offerings. Don’t be afraid to ask any questions to make sure the DJ is the right fit for the kids and their age group. Finally, when you believe you’ve found the best kids party DJ on the Gold Coast, be sure to secure your booking well in advance; you won’t be the only parent who has come to this conclusion!

We believe we have the best kids party DJs on the Gold Coast, here at The Fun Team, and after following the considerations above, I’m sure you will too.

Call me today on 0412 313 335 to book a DJ for your kid’s party.




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